The Importance Of AI In The Development Of The Nations’ Economy

The Importance Of AI In The Development Of The Nations’ Economy

Artificial intelligence has taken the globe by storm, with thousands of small AI startups applying machine learning to current corporate processes, while entrepreneurs are already working on chips that will be implanted in the brain, allowing paralyzed patients to use their arms.

There are hospitals and universities that have trained computers to correctly read X-Rays. An app on your phone will soon be able to give you an instant health assessment or diagnosis.

Sport: We’re only a few years away from having AI referee a football game or any other team sport. VAR is already used in Premier League soccer, which is the foundation for virtual refereeing.

Marketing: Google has a lot of data that can track everything we do online, and AI is used to make complicated algorithms that can be hard to figure out by hand. After you search for something, your browser is full of links to that thing right away. As long as tech companies have known that our data is valuable, they have all of our online activities, preferences, and shopping habits. They are making a lot of money behind the scenes, and we don’t even know about it.

Products: There was an AI start-up that attached a lot of sensors to a Porsche 991 turbo. They sent the car around the track at high speed a few times. They used this data to get AI to design a car chassis that was better than anything a human could have imagined.

AI is the future, and for any business that wants to be able to connect to people all over the world, managed IT services are the best way to go.

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