Simple Ways On How To Set Up A Guest Wi-Fi Network

Simple Ways On How To Set Up A Guest Wi-Fi Network, Make Wi-Fi Accessible To Guests, how to get a password for guest wifi…

When you invite friends and family to stay with you during the holidays, you must share your valuable internet connection with them. It also entails putting up with slowdowns, security flaws, and sharing the Wi-Fi password. Here are some pointers to help you prepare your network for visitors.

Activate Your Guests’ Network

Many routers have a feature called guest networking, which allows you to create a separate Wi-Fi network for visiting friends and family.
You’ll need to connect to your router’s administration interface to activate guest networking. If your router doesn’t have a mobile app, you’ll have to use the web console instead.

how to set up a guest wifi network

Turn on parental controls.

The management interface of many new routers includes parental control software or cloud services. Whether you anticipate having children as guests, check your router settings to see if there are any built-in parental controls.

Quickly Share the Password

Giving your guests an easy-to-remember password is sufficient, but you can earn bonus points by sharing the Wi-Fi in a more streamlined manner.
You (and your pals) can share stored Wi-Fi networks with others by joining the network and being nearby when they try to connect.

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Protect the network with Passwords.

If your network doesn’t have a guest networking option, or if you’ve previously shared your standard network with some family members, password-protect any shared folders, printers, or servers.

Wi-Fi coverage can be enhanced.

If you’ve been ignoring your spotty Wi-Fi coverage because it only affected the guest room, now is the time to fix it.
For better coverage, you might be able to simply relocate the router. Keep it high on a shelf, away from books and other objects that might block the signal. If possible, put it in a room in the center of the home so it can easily reach all of the rooms.

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