Part-Time Jobs In Ghana You Can Do To Increase Your Monthly Earnings

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Seeking ways to increase your monthly earnings or something to keep your body, mind, and soul healthy, we could all use a little additional cash from time to time. This is made feasible with a part-time job.

With part-time employment, you are certain of your weekend plans, holiday travel, and ability to meet your basic demands.

In this post, we’ve prepared a list of stress-free part-time jobs that can help you make extra cash.


1. Freelance Writer

There is plenty of employment available for freelance writers, ranging from academics to marketing.
You will do research and create written material for websites, blogs, and even social media as a freelance writer.

2. Influencer

As a teenager or college student, you might earn additional money by acting as an influencer. This is one of the greatest internet jobs since it can be completed part-time from home.

Part-Time Jobs In Ghana

 3. Retail

The duties of retail sales employees include greeting and assisting clients, informing them about available items, and addressing a variety of consumer complaints.
If you are a bibliophile, you should consider retail. Working at a bookstore is an excellent choice for high school and college students in particular.


4. Tutor

If you are in college or a teacher, it is not a terrible idea to take on a tutoring job as long as you can represent your field of knowledge adequately.


 5. Nannies

They are tasked with caring for youngsters temporarily while their parents are gone. They must be patient, and attentive, and love interacting with children of all ages. You might perform this as a home-based job or visit your client’s home to babysit.


6. Gardener

Those who enjoy the outdoors and cultivating things may find gardening to be a fulfilling part-time occupation.
Your responsibilities might range from mowing the grass to maintaining the contour of landscape designs.

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7. Newspaper Distribution

You probably believe they no longer exist! I caught you off guard. They continue to. If you have early morning availability and a trustworthy vehicle, you may make additional money by delivering the local newspaper.

8. Fast Food Worker

Their responsibility is to accept food orders, assemble them, and serve clients.
They are also responsible for operating the cash register and should be numerate, have a cheerful attitude, and be able to work quickly.


9. Customer Support

There are several potential positions, and many customer service careers incorporate internet work, allowing you to work remotely.
The timetable is flexible, so you may be able to accommodate your day job or school schedule with relative ease.


 10. Blogger

Perhaps the ideal work-from-home opportunity, creating or managing a blog requires no formal degree or training. You only need a knack for language and sufficient familiarity with technology to understand how to use various content management systems.

Part-Time Jobs In Ghana

 11. Virtual Assistant

If you are familiar with technology, a virtual assistant position can help you transfer your abilities into a new part-time position.
Virtual assistant positions do not necessarily require a degree, but they do demand strong writing abilities and proficiency with Microsoft Office and Slack, as well as other software applications and internet tools.

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