Negative Impacts of Single Parenting on Child’s Development

Negative Impacts of Single Parenting on Child’s Development

Negative Impacts of Single Parenting on Child’s Development, social effects of single parenting, what are the negative effects of single parenting…

Parenting involves the process of raising, educating and giving the necessary attention and care to a child from childhood to adulthood. In recent, children are being exposed to single parenting where they are being raised by either their Mother or Father. They spent their childhood in a single home.

Divorced, broken or the death of one parent gives birth to the practice of single parenting. Most of the single parenting are not always intentional some maybe due to disagreement on both sides of the parents, inability to cater for the children, calming irresponsibility of one’s pregnancy and most times, the ultimate call of Nature – death.

Most times, parents embrace some of the advantages that comes with single parenting and tend to forget the adverse effects that comes thereafter. Advantages such as; Deciding to take full responsibility of the child without any other party, protecting the child from the other family in situations of bad reports from the other family.

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The above advantages are not enough to promote single parenting. Some of these disadvantages include:

  • Inadequate Attention

Being in a single home triggers inadequate attention, lack of discipline and mentorship. Take for instance, a child raised by a single Mother such child won’t get the necessary attention, love, care and discipline from the Mother as compared to a child raised by both parents.

  • Trauma and Stigmatization

Most times, some children are nicknamed with harsh names because of being raised in a single home. Such name traumatized the child and makes them uncomfortable to socialize with His or Her peers.

  • Academic Instability

A traumatized child will not be able to compete favourably in His or Her academic field. Such children are easily distracted by sad memories and feeling of loneliness while on classes or when studying. This can affect the child mentally and psychologically.

  • Indiscipline

One parent may not be able to discipline as it should be for both parents. The discipline will always be one sided, whereas if it were from both parents

We should not be ignorant that highly traumatized children are forced to smoking, drinking and other bad habits and at sometimes death when depressed. Single parenting can affect the child’s early development and journey to adulthood.

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