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Instagram includes a number of safety features, ranging from account security to engagement and comment moderation, all of which are designed to keep you secure while using the platform. Follow these steps to protect your account and have a safe Instagram experience. It’s true that Instagram has become a huge part of our lives, whether we use it to take selfies, share images of our dinners, keep up with the latest news from our favorite celebrities, or manage our online shops. It’s also crucial to learn how to keep safe and secure on Instagram because sharing content with such a large audience carries its own set of concerns.

Instagram Safety Measures

1. Enable two-factor authentication for added security.

Setting up two-factor authentication, in addition to picking a strong password, is an excellent way to secure your Instagram account. Two-factor authentication is a procedure that secures your account by requiring multiple sign-in processes.
This means that, in addition to your account username and password, two-factor authentication will require your phone number every time you log in from a new device.
Even if someone has your password, they won’t be able to get into your account if they don’t have your phone if you use this method.

2. Hide your posts from users that you don’t want to view.

Even if you don’t want to make your Instagram account private, you may make it safer by banning those with who you don’t want to see your photos. Instagram’s blocking feature allows you to block those that you don’t want to see your posts.

To block a user, go to their profile, open the menu in the upper right corner, and select “Block User.” Don’t worry, Instagram doesn’t alert people when they’ve been blocked, and even if they mention your username on Instagram, it won’t show up in your Activity.

If you change your Instagram username after blocking someone, they won’t be able to tag you unless they know your new username.

Instagram Safety Measures

3. You can choose which comments you want to see.

The majority of Instagram conversations take place in the comments, and it’s critical that you feel at ease with the ones that take place beneath your image.

Instagram allows you to filter comments based on specific keywords or pre-identified default keywords. Otherwise, swipe left and tap the trash symbol to erase undesirable comments from your article.

You can also deactivate comments on your posts by selecting “Turn Off Commenting” from the “Advanced Settings” menu. You can disable comments on an older post by pressing the “…” menu.

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4. To control who sees your posts, set your account to private.

Except for accounts that have been switched to private, Instagram accounts are generally viewable to the whole user community. To limit who can and cannot see your material on the platform, you can change your account to a private account.

Users with private accounts can also delete followers without having to utilize the “Block” option. Follow these three simple actions to change your account from public to private: Toggle “Private Account” on in your profile, then go to the “Settings” gear on your profile.

When you make your Instagram account private, you’ll have to approve every follow request and won’t be able to take advantage of the other features that come with private accounts.

5. Use strong, non-disclosed passwords.

A strong password is the first step in protecting your account from unauthorized access. Many people choose passwords based on their ability to remember them, which implies that passwords are often easy and repeated across multiple platforms. This type of password makes your account vulnerable to unwanted access.
Our recommendation for creating a strong password is to include at least six numbers, characters, and symbols in a password that is solely used on Instagram. To prevent unauthorized access to your account, keep this one-of-a-kind password private and only know it.
Also, if you need to access your account from a different or shared device, don’t select the “Remember Me” option when checking in, and remember to log out when you’re finished.

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6. Inform the authorities about any instances of abuse, bullying, or impersonation 

Report any questionable behavior or anything that violates the Community Guidelines to help keep Instagram safe for you and your friends.

To report abuse, bullying, harassment, or impersonation on Instagram, follow these steps:

Swipe to the left and hit the arrow to report a comment.
Tap the “…” option and then “Report” to report a specific post or account.

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