How To Overcome Your Stage Fright And Public Speaking Anxieties

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Stage fright is a term that has been around for a long time. It goes back to the dawn of public speech. Even the most confident speakers become nervous before coming on stage, and even while on stage, but they are so excellent at hiding their nervousness that you won’t notice. Knowing this, prompts the question, “What is the hidden key to overcoming stage fright?”

In reality, there is no magic formula for overcoming stage fear. The realization that we are about to be scrutinized in front of an audience causes stage fright.

The attention is on us, and any error we make will be picked up by tens of thousands of people. It could be a turning moment in our personal or professional lives. It may be a presentation or reveal of everything we’ve been working on for years. But take a breather.

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to permanently overcoming stage fright, there are several extremely helpful methods that can help you calm your anxieties and feel more at ease on stage until you gain confidence over time.

1. Be well-prepared

Nothing boosts confidence like admitting to yourself that you truly know what you’re going to say on stage.

When you’ve done your homework by researching and practicing, you should be able to step onto the stage and stay there.

Members of the audience will respond positively to your confidence and knowledge, encouraging you to continue. So, keep in mind… Always be ready.

2. Don’t Make Eye Contact

You should avoid eye contact with members of the audience as much as possible during a presentation until you are entirely comfortable with them.

Eye contact can throw you off and make you feel insecure. Make eye contact only when you are certain that the audience is on your side.

3. Exercise can help you relax.

Calming your anxieties can have a big impact on how well you perform in front of an audience. Take a light jog the morning of your presentation, or relax with yoga or Pilates.

Meditate and concentrate on resting each area of your body one by one. Make sure your mind is clear and that you are prepared.

4. Caffeine should be avoided.

Caffeine is more harmful than helpful before a performance. Caffeine may be tempting since it makes you alert and smart, but it actually has the opposite effect.

It has the potential to drastically undermine your self-esteem. Before taking the stage, some people drink a little bourbon. This isnt a bad concept, but keep it to a minimum. It can provide you with a false sense of confidence that you can build on in the near run.

5. Simply be yourself.

Faking confidence is a guaranteed method to get it. Tell yourself that you are confident, even though you have a lot of concerns and your legs are trembling like leaves.

Walk up that stage with the confidence of your role-model presenter. You should also be aware that smiling is the most effective approach to projecting confidence.

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