How To Increase Transfer Speed On A Shared Internet Connection

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When sharing an internet connection with others, you cannot all enjoy full-speed internet access because there is only so much bandwidth available. However, we’re going to demonstrate how to obtain a significant portion, if not all, of the bandwidth available from your router for quicker internet.

We’re going to highlight how to fully utilize the bandwidth available on a shared internet connection.

1. Adjust router settings for optimal service quality

It’s a sad reality that many people spend hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds on laptops, phones, and tablets and then connect to the internet using the free router provided by their ISP.

How To Increase Internet Transfer Speed

2. Purchase a new router

As discussed previously, the majority of people never consider upgrading their free routers to more powerful models.

3. Connect using Ethernet rather than Wi-Fi

One technique to increase your connection’s speed and dependability are to plug directly into the router… if possible. While Wi-Fi provides flexibility, an Ethernet cable provides stability and avoids different barriers, such as walls, that can interfere with your Wi-Fi experience.

4. Make use of powerline adapters

Routers are not always placed in handy locations; they should ideally be located in the center of the house to provide the best coverage for everyone. Therefore, if you are unable to connect directly to the router, you may always utilize power line adaptors, which communicate via your home’s mains wiring.

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