How To Become A successful Accountant In Nigeria

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An accountant is a person who has been trained in bookkeeping, as well as the preparation, auditing, and analysis of financial statements. Annual reports and financial statements are prepared by accountants for planning and decision-making. In accordance with government regulatory laws, it could be for a firm or a person.

  1. Identifying, recording, measuring, reporting, classifying, verifying, summarizing, interpreting, and disseminating financial information are only a few of their responsibilities.
  2. Explicitly stating the profit or loss for a specific time period. As well as the value and nature of a company’s assets, liabilities, and equity.
  3. Creating the financial statement for the company.
  4. Analysing operational, product, and special project costs.
  5. The financial statements of a company are being audited.
  6. Assist companies with accounting systems, financial statements, tax reports, and tax planning, among other things.

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To become an accountant in Nigeria, you must first complete the following steps:

The first step in becoming an accountant is deciding what kind of accountant you want to be. Financial accountants, cost accountants, forensic accountants, tax accountants, auditors, management accountants, government accountants, and so on are only a few examples.

Government Accountant:

Public accountants who work for government agencies or firms subject to government rules are known as government accountants. Government accountants oversee the financial health and performance of government agencies. To account for the transactions and events of public bodies, they have their own set of norms to follow.


When a complete set of financial records is not available, forensic accounting entails recreating financial information. Forensic accountants testify in court as experts in civil and criminal cases involving the financial consequences of a loss or the detection of financial crime.


An auditor is a person who reviews an organization’s financial records and activities to ensure that the policies and procedures are followed. They are in charge of evaluating the company’s transactions for flaws, fraud, and mismanagement, among other things. They present their findings to management, who then takes steps to verify the organization’s correctness.

Tax Accountant :

Tax accountants are in charge of ensuring that tax regulations, filings, and tax planning are followed in order to lower a company’s tax burden. It’s a term that pertains to tax accounting. Tax accountants make adjustments to financial accounts prepared according to financial accounting principles to account for inconsistencies with tax laws’ regulations. The information obtained is utilized to estimate and plan the company’s tax liability.

Cost Accountant:

The application of diverse methodologies to monitor and control expenses is what cost accounting entails.

Financial Accountant:

Financial accountants are responsible for compiling financial data into external reporting. They present a company’s financial report. These reports are prepared in the form of financial statements for external consumption. Based on a set of standards and norms known as GAAP, the financial statement depicts an organization’s historical performance and current status (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles).

Management Accountant 

Management accountants are involved in the collection of accounting data for internal use by the company’s management. They examine financial data for businesses and are closely involved in the company’s plan, budget, and spending maximization. They are in charge of writing reports that are only read by the company’s management.

Make a firm decision.

After selecting what type of accountant you want to be, the next step is to be determined. It takes a lot of effort to work as an accountant. And if you don’t have determination, you’ll quickly become discouraged.

Obtain an accounting degree: To work as an accountant in Nigeria, you must have a university degree that certifies you as one. Attend college and earn a decent degree that will allow you to work as an accountant.

Obtain a Certificate of Proficiency:

Professional certifications provide you an advantage over the competition. A professional accounting qualification is recommended if you wish to be preferred in a job interview. There are a number of accounting certificates that can help you land a job as an accountant. ICAN, ACCA, CIMA, and others are among them.

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