How to Further Your LL.B Career in Nigeria

How to Further Your LL.B Career in Nigeria

A lot of students have missed their tracks in their quest to further a professional career or discipline. The pressure to study a noble profession is likely from the parents, which in turn leaves the child indecisive and frustrated. One of the overwhelming profession that every parent insist on is Law/Legal Studies (B.L, LL.B).

In this guide, we’ll show you ways you can further your LL.B career effortlessly to avoid much frustration.

Law is regarded as one of the toughest careers anyone can go for. Just like other noble professions like Medicine and Pharmacy, it involves much reading and research.

To study Law in Nigeria, you must pass your SSCE result very well, and apply for admission to any university of your choice that offers it.

After applying for admission, do well to check the cut-off marks for the school you chose. If you score high or average, you stand a chance of being admitted, but if the score is low, you must read harder and ensure you pass the entrance test well. Most schools have a standard range for the test, while others don’t, so you should check the one for your school. The minimum duration for the course would be 5-6 years, unlike other countries, plus the mandatory one-year law school after varsity.

With the details above, your chances of becoming a lawyer/legal practitioner is secured. Don’t be deceived, Law is highly competitive when it comes to getting admission, so you need a high range score to get admitted.

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