Easiest Ways To Become A travel Agent In Nigeria

Easiest Ways To Become A travel Agent In Nigeria, What does it take to be a Travel Agent, requirements for travel agent license, how to become a travel agent in Nigeria.

Planning a trip may be a difficult experience, especially for those who are on a tight timetable. In the midst of a busy business schedule, the stress of booking flights, checking for and booking hotels, and hiring automobiles can be daunting.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Travel Agent

Travel agents are tasked with the difficult duty of organising a trip for their customers. They assist clients in booking flights, hotel reservations, cruises, vehicle rentals, and finding and securing reservations at possible relaxation places for vacations or if the client requires a break during a business trip. Clients can also get advice from most travel agencies.

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In order to alleviate the stress of preparing trips for their clients, travel agents collaborate with hotels, cruises, car rentals, airlines, and other service providers. If you want to make a lot of money, becoming a travel agent is an excellent business concept to pursue.

However, becoming a travel agency is not straightforward because certain logistics must be in place. There’s the necessary training you’ll need to gain a better understanding of the industry, the requirements you’ll need to meet before becoming a certified travel agent, finding start-up funding, advertising and developing your firm, and building your travel agent network.

In this write up, we’ll break down all of these logistics for you and explain exactly what it takes to work as a travel agency in Nigeria.

There are various types of travel brokers:

As previously said, some travel agencies prefer to specialize in the services they provide and the types of customers they serve. We’ll go through the many types of travel agents and what they do in case you want to specialize as well.

1. Travel consultant – A travel consultant is responsible for advising clients on various aspects of their vacation plans. The topics could include the best and cheapest hotel options, leisure spots, auto rentals, airlines, cruises, tourist attractions, and so on. To provide excellent service to your client, you’ll need to be well-versed in all of these topics.

2. Visa counsellor – This sort of travel agent assists his clients with the application and processing of travel visas. With the multiple steps that must be completed, the process of processing and acquiring a visa may be rather arduous, necessitating the services of a professional who is familiar with the logistics of processing and receiving a visa. Your job as a visa counsellor is to guide your client through all of the logistics and procedures involved in processing and obtaining his or her visa.

3. Vacation planning — A travel agent who specializes in vacation planning is in charge of planning vacations for his or her clients. This would need you planning every aspect of your vacation, from aircraft tickets to hotel bookings to tourist attractions.

4. Freelance travel agent – This type of travel agent works from home and offers clients all of the services that a traditional travel agent would, such as visa processing, consulting, hotel reservation/booking, vehicle rentals, and so on. To work as an independent travel agent, you must be registered with the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

5. Oversea event ticket sales – This form of travel agent is responsible for selling tickets to events and shows taking place outside of the country to his or her customers. Most clients who travel abroad for the holidays want to attend some of the best, most popular events in their destinations, and it is your responsibility to offer them with tickets to these events and concerts.

Now that you’ve learned about the various sorts of travel agents, let’s go through a step-by-step instruction on how to become a travel agent in Nigeria.

1. Obtain an IATA license.

You must first obtain an IATA license before beginning your career as a travel agent. Before issuing your license, the IATA has a list of standards that you must complete. Some of these are listed in outline 1 above. In addition to those criteria, you must register with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Once you’ve met all of these conditions, you can submit your application to the IATA.

2. Expand your network.

To succeed in any business venture, you’ll need to expand your network, which means connecting and communicating with people in the industry who are more experienced and connected than you, from whom you can learn and who can help you promote your company by connecting you with clients and other industry bigwigs. One option to do this is to partner with a well-established travel agency.

3. Make a rough draft of your company plan.

You’ll need to prepare a well-thought-out and well-written business plan before you can start working as a travel agent full-time. A sound business strategy is the foundation of any successful enterprise.

Everything from start-up money to other monetary and technical necessities, as well as future estimates for the business, should be included in your business plan. As a result, you’ll need to do a lot of study to figure out what you’ll need to establish a travel agency.

4. Acquire the essential skills and training

To work as a travel agent, you must have a thorough understanding of the airline industry and how it operates. Of course, you’ll pick up a lot of this knowledge on the job as a travel agent over time, but it’s critical that you obtain some preliminary training first.


With all of the logistics that must be in place, becoming a travel agent in Nigeria is not an easy undertaking, but it is well worth it when one considers how rich the travel sector is. We hope that this post has given you some insight into what it takes to work as a travel agent in Nigeria.

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