The Distinctions Between Nigerian Universities And Polytechnics

Distinctions Between Nigerian Universities And Polytechnics, university, and polytechnic which is the best, what is a polytechnic degree, polytechnic in Nigeria…

When filling out their jamb forms, many Nigerian secondary school leavers ask why a university is usually ranked higher than any polytechnic. The cutoff marks for universities are always higher. They are always in high demand. In this essay, we’ll look at the causes for this.

So, we’ll go through some of the reasons why a Nigerian university is preferable to a polytechnic.

1. System Of education

It’s clear from the first reason that many young and intelligent Nigerian students would choose universities; most of the time, it’s students who have taken the jamb many times and failed to meet any university’s cut-off mark who apply for a polytechnic admission as a last choice. That is why there are usually a few bright students in polytechnics.

2. Skilled Personnel

The quality of university professors cannot be compared to that of polytechnic teachers. As many instructors in the university context are professors and doctors with relevant Ph. D.s and years of teaching experience, the degree of competence and experience is great. Even those with a Master’s degree are forced to settle for assistant lecturer posts. In contrast, most of the instructors at polytechnics hold only a B.Sc. and have only a few years of teaching experience.

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3. Graduates of Great Quality

When it comes to white-collar employment, there is a strong preference for university graduates. Most polytechnic graduates are regarded as mid-level workers, perhaps since that is why they were established in the first place. This preference, on the other hand, provides a plethora of chances for university graduates both locally and internationally, as well as a boost in self-esteem over their polytechnic counterparts.

4. Admission Requirements

The qualifications required for university entrance are significantly greater than those required for polytechnic admission. Polytechnics are held to a standard of 160/400 by examination bodies such as Jamb. Universities have a higher baseline of 180/400, which means that if you want to go to university, you’ll have to work harder in class.

5. Postgraduate Prospects

For a university graduate, there are numerous postgraduate options available, as well as numerous funding chances to continue their education in any other country. While polytechnic graduates have limited postgraduate options, they must usually apply for a to be considered for some of these positions.

It’s critical to understand that no matter what degree of education one has, everyone has a chance to succeed.

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